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Anaheim, CA 92803


MEETINGS AND PRESENTATIONS: All SHHAR monthly meetings are held at the Orange Family History Center, 674 S. Yorba St., Orange, CA, 92863
  9:00 a.m. to 10:00 a.m. Hands-on Computer Assistance for Genealogical Research.
10:00 a.m. to 10:15 a.m. Welcome and Introductions
10:15 a.m. to 11:30 a.m. Speaker and/or Special Workshop 

John P. Schmal Presentation Resources Shhar Presentation Resources

••  January 14, 2017 SHHAR's presentation:
Richard S.(Dick) McFarlane "Unlocking Relationships with DNA - Now that I have the DNA test what do I do with it? Dick McFarlane is the former director of the Orange County FamilySearch Library; he has a life long interest in genealogy, with a particular interrest in using DNA. There are three DNA test that can be taken: Y-chromosome (YDNA), mitochondrial DNA (mDNA), and autosomal DNA(atDNA). Each has specific applications for determining descendency.

••  February 11, 2017 SHHAR's presentation:
Mimi Lozano “The Who, What, When, Where, and Why of Writing: Fun Ways to Trigger Memories, from Oral History to Written History".

••  March 11th, 2017 SHHAR's presentation:
John Schmal author of several genealogy/history books and genealogy researcher will make a presentation on: “Finding Your Roots in Mexico". John Schmal is a long time member of the SHHAR Board of Directors and has been a great resource to the organization through the years.

••  April 8, 2017 SHHAR's presentation:
Viola Rodriguez Sadler “Were my Grandparents Really Related? A la Prima se Arrima, Kissing Cousins? Looking at Marriage Dispensations in Northern Mexico”. Viola will explain the wealth of information available in Marriage Dispensations and in Información Matrimoniales. What are the degrees and types of relationships that needed approval by the Catholic Church?

••  May 13, 2017 SHHAR's presentation:
John Schmal “Mexican Indians: Conquest and Assimilation” John Schmal is a long time member of the SHHAR Board of Directors and has been a great resource to the organization through the years.

••  •• June 10, 2017 SHHAR's presentation: Judge Frederick Aguirre has teamed up with the Orange County Department of Education’s Media Services team to Film interviews with local surviving Latino combat veterans. For nearly 20 years, the group known as Latino Advocates for Education has been conducting research on Mexican-American veterans from Southern California, compiling more than 2,000 profiles on those who served in combat from World War II through our present-day wars.

••  July 8, 2017 SHHAR's presentation:
Lizeth Ramirez Archivist/Reference Librarian Orange Public Library & History Center, will make a presentation on the Library’s services to the Hispanic Community .

••  August 12, 2017
There will not be a presentation this month as SHHAR holds its Annual Board meeting.

••  September 9, 2017 SHHAR's presentation:
Carlos Ytruualde "The Hispanic Heritage Project - Preserving the Colonial Records of New Spain" Carlos Yturralde is the founder and CEO of the Hispanic Heritage Project, a nonprofit organization with the mission of imaging and publishing the colonial record of New Spain. That project was an idea that slowly materialized as he saw and addressed needs in the colonial archives in Mexico.

••  October 14, 2017 SHHAR's presentation:
John Schmal Fundadores de Mexico (The Founders of Mexico –Spanish Ancestors). John, author of several genealogy/history books and genealogy, is a long time member of the SHHAR Board of Directors and has been a great resource to the organization through the years.

••  November 11, 2017 SHHAR's presentation:
Dr. Joseph Arce “The Postal History of the Mexican Revolution of 1910-1916” Joe Arce, a retired NASA rocket scientist, and published Mexico postal historian, is a student of Mexico's postal system going back to the days when Mixteca (Aztec) runners during Moctezuma's time carried mail from the east coast of Mexico to Tenochitilan, a distance of 200 miles overnight using a relay system. He will have examples of old letters and documents used before the 1810-1821 War of Independence. His talk will focus primarily on the years, 1910-1916, the Mexican Revolution. Joe will have collateral material including old mail, postage stamps, paper money and old photographs used during those turbulent times. Handouts will also be provided.

••  December 9, 2017
There will not be a SHHAR presentation in December; however, the Orange Family History Center will be open.

Have a wonderful holiday season! Please check back soon for our 2018 topics!

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